1. Hospital sounds.

  2. Doing my best to cozy up the joint.

  3. Keep your toiletries in a hat box to be extra cool.

  4. No more ostomy!


  5. Everything is permanent until it’s not.

    See you on the other side.


  6. Surgery soon. I’m nervous but excited. I’ll update you when I’m not super stoned/sleepy. Get ready for some cool scab/scar pictures!

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  8. Well, I either can’t tell what the dye did or it didn’t take.

    Whatever. Ashy highlights are fucking with me.


  9. Gotta dye my hair before surgery. For reasons.

  10. dadsworstnightmare:

    naomi looking heavenlier than your faves

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  12. Getting ready for my next surgery. #lush #bowelsurgery #ostomate #nocolonstillrollin


  13. imthe8thwonder:

    When you are in the hospital as much as I am, you never unpack your overnight bag. Your things/life/world must be ready to go at a moments notice. I spent 101 days in the hospital in 2013, and I’m still going strong. Here’s what I pack in my designated hospital overnight bag:

    (And if the items…

  14. Kewl

  15. Yesterday’s leaving the house makeup.